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Synonyms for anxious:


dolorous, disheartened, mournful, wistful, disconsolate, glum, melancholy, anguished, woeful, overcome, contemplative, joyless, discouraged, gloomy, sullen, downhearted, morose, heartbroken, despairing, blue, despondent, dejected, sad, depressed, dreary, dispirited, plaintive, miserable, pensive, grim, moody, lachrymose.


fed up, unhappy, discomposed, displeased, irritated, restless, ungratified, bored, teed off, uncomfortable, dissident, disgruntled, irreconcilable, non-satisfied, cheerless, uneasy, frustrated, discontent, dissatisfied, sour, ticked off, disapproving, exasperated, malcontent, cross, wretched.


aroused, disquieted, attentive, Energized, burning, feverish, impassioned, passionate, fervent, stimulated, excited, exhilarated, animated, inflamed, ardent, turbulent, fiery, effervescent, electrified, breathless, disturbed.


intimidated, chicken-livered, lily-livered, timid, terrified, jittery, paralyzed, cowardly, petrified, afraid, scared, Harrowed, apprehensive, startled, terror-stricken, weak-kneed, horrified, fearful, rattled, fainthearted, scared stiff, unnerved, alarmed, frightened, agitated.

Sense 1

stressful, uptight, worrying, distressed.

Sense 2

concerned, solicitous, longing.

Sense 3

severe, unsettled.

Sense 4

grave, serious.






nervous, tense.


perturbed, worried, troubled.

Other synonyms

hot, juiced, spooky, worrisome, dithery, distressful, gung ho, queasy, vile, earnest, offensive, enthused, creepy, crazy, goosey, stoked, loathsome, jumpy, fraught, Nail Biting, avid, nervy, aflutter, great, importunate, sick, unquiet, noisome, unnerving, agog, atwitter, glowing, nauseated, disturbing, wild, distressing, raring, nauseous, impetuous, voracious, keen, nuts, geeked, zealous, skittish, agitating, athirst, nerve-racking, pumped, disquieting, yearning, desirous, greedy, sickish, hungry, sickening, intense, hairy, hung up, flighty, impatient, dying, vehement, antsy, neural, nauseating, hopped-up, edgy, enthusiastic, unsettling, eager, thirsty, ill at ease.
Examples of usage for anxious:
To- night she felt rather anxious about Claude. "The Way of Ambition", Robert Hichens.
Got a wife perhaps, who's anxious about you, eh? "The Red Derelict", Bertram Mitford.
Jack was too anxious to speak. "The Three Commanders", W.H.G. Kingston.

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