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Synonyms for browbeat:


goad, stress, impel, propel, press, hijack, incite, dictate, mandate, cause, nag, stimulate, daunt, oblige, pressure, spark, galvanize, drive, motivate, dragoon, urge, push, compel, foment, coerce.


stressed, Pushed, drove, motivated, Dragooned, Galvanized, Propelled, compelled, pressured, Nagged, pressed, impelled, Coerced, sparked, daunted, Urged, Caused, goaded, obliged, Incited, mandated, driven, stimulated, Fomented, dictated, hijacked.


frighten, scare, admonish, torment, hint, intimidate, Forewarn, bulldoze, warn, forebode, bully, harass, threaten.


harassed, tormented, admonished, Foreboded, scared, threatened, Hinted, browbeaten, Forewarned, frightened, bullied, intimidated, Bulldozed.

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Other synonyms

bluster, appal, prance, boss around, terrify, sashay, strong-arm, strut, blackjack, ballyrag, push around, swash, bogart, ruffle, mau-mau, bullyrag, swagger, hector.
Examples of usage for browbeat:
My father, the Grand- duke of Tuscany, had been deprived of land and crown ten years before I was born, and, though he likes to pose as a sovereign, he is, as a matter of fact, a mere private gentleman of limited resources, whom the head of the family, the Austrian Emperor, may coax or browbeat at his sweet pleasure. "Secret Memoirs: The Story of Louise, Crown Princess", Henry W. Fischer.
When a man has right on his side he ought to browbeat a woman! "In the Wilderness", Robert Hichens.
Where they bullied, browbeat and administered a third degree, Ford was embarrassed, deprecatory, an earnest, ingenuous, wide- eyed child. "The Lost House", Richard Harding Davis.

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