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Synonyms for Caused:


forced, brought about, inspired, Engendered, enforced, elicited, made, Engineered, effected, given rise to, Brought, provoked, produced, Originated, Acted, Generated, executed, drove, motivated, induced, gave rise to, evoked, driven.


obliged, daunted, pressed, browbeat, bullied, Coerced, impelled, Dragooned, intimidated, dictated, stressed, Bulldozed, Incited, Nagged, mandated, Galvanized, Pushed, sparked, goaded, Urged, compelled, hijacked, pressured, Propelled, Fomented, browbeaten, stimulated.
Examples of usage for Caused:
The next time he came back he flew along the top of the ridge, which caused no less than a dozen Jerry fighters to take after him. "A Yankee Flier in Italy", Rutherford G. Montgomery.
Later their love was parted, which caused great hate. "The Nibelungenlied", Unknown.
Time went very heavily with the lady, till she could get speech with her, whom she hated from the hour she knew her to be the friend of him who had caused her such shame and grief. "French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France", Marie de France.

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