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Synonyms for censors:


experts, authorities, judiciaries, referees, their lordships, magistrates, moderators, negotiators, Administrators, judges, justices, their honors, mediators, lords chancellor, umpires, adjudicators, reconcilers, arbitrators.


cloaks, buries, Blinds, conceals, obscures, enshrouds, hides, Masks, covers up, disguises, screens, hushes, camouflages.


deletes, eliminates, obliterates, edits, omits, erases, expunges, annihilates, Strikes, cuts, eradicates, annuls, cancels, expurgates.
Examples of usage for censors:
I asked him if he was going to mention about me being here in the paper and he says the censors wouldn't stand for mentioning no names until you get killed because if they mentioned your name the Germans would know who all was here but after you are dead the Germans don't care if you had been here or not. "The Real Dope", Ring Lardner.

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