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Synonyms for chanted:


Clattered, Hummed, Throbbed, Chattered, Thundered, Buzzed, rumbled, rolled, Droned, Thrummed, Reverberated, rattled, Drummed, grumbled, beat.

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Examples of usage for chanted:
Our many guests came and went- some of them busy city men, enjoying to the full the pure air, lovely surroundings, and quiet life in our guest- house, all to the accompaniment of chiming bells and chanted psalms. "A New Medley of Memories", David Hunter-Blair.
We chanted the words in utter amazement. "Explorers of the Dawn", Mazo de la Roche.
Recovering, he chanted a query as to the fate of the Ogula crew and their chief Fahni. "The Yellow God An Idol of Africa", H. Rider Haggard.

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