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Synonyms for goldmark:

Other synonyms

Peter Carl Goldmark, Peter Goldmark.
Examples of usage for goldmark:
With an unfailing propensity to lay hold of to whomsoever he spake, Mr. Lester Goldmark placed his white- gloved hand upon the white- gloved arm of Mrs. Coblenz. "Gaslight Sonatas", Fannie Hurst.
" La Reine de Saba" was more successful in Brussels than in Paris, and was well received in Germany, where, however, it has been dethroned in favour of the far finer work by Goldmark bearing the same name. "Masters of French Music", Arthur Hervey.
Mrs. Goldmark and another friend's going to be here as well, so Zillah'll have company. "The Orange-Yellow Diamond", J. S. Fletcher.

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