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Synonyms for jovial:



Sense 1

blithesome, happy.

Sense 2


Sense 3






Other synonyms

festive, brisk, funny, alert, brave, jolly, comical, joyous, festal, cheery, jocular, jocund, lively, merry, zippy, laughing, risible, spanking, comic, mirthful, braw, snappy, sunny, rattling, laughable, amusing, jocose.
Examples of usage for jovial:
They had never seen anything but the active lawyer, the keen politician, the jovial fun- loving companion in Mr. Lincoln. "Abraham Lincoln: Was He A Christian?", John B. Remsburg.
He told them, that the country was inhabited by such men as himself and his jovial companions, and assured them of kind usage and great friendship. "An Historical Account Of The Rise And Progress Of The Colonies Of South Carolina And Georgia, Volume 1", Alexander Hewatt.
Otherwise I stood as much in awe of him as his jovial soul would let me; and if I might I should like to suggest to the literary youth of this day some notion of the importance of his name to the literary youth of my day. "Entire PG Edition of The Works of William Dean Howells", William Dean Howells.

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