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Synonyms for junctures:


conjunctures, Bases, situations, statuses, events, Incidences, happenings, moments, circumstances, episodes, conditions, instants, landmarks, milestones, occurrences, cardinal points, occasions.


alliances, synergies, annexations, juxtapositions, joints, amalgamations, attachments, junctions, bonds, Branches, consolidations, splices, connections, couplings, jointures, relationships, affixations, adjacencies, conjunctions, meetings, weddings, mergers, abutments, affiliations, Marriages.
Examples of usage for junctures:
Even more remarkable examples of the skill with which significant action may be substituted for speech, can be found in 'Secret Service'; and Mr. Gillette has explained that, in the performance of his own plays, he is " in the habit of resorting largely to the effects of natural pauses, intervals of silence,- moments when few words are spoken and much mental struggle is supposed to take place," finding these methods " especially effective at critical junctures "Inquiries and Opinions", Brander Matthews.
Many the happy junctures when you have said I stood as guardian- angel over you, As your Dame Fortune, too, and endless things Of such- like pretty tenour- yes, you have! "The Dynasts An Epic-Drama Of The War With Napoleon, In Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, And One Hundred And Thirty Scenes", Thomas Hardy.

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