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Synonyms for junking:


Blackballing, exuding, clipping, exhausting, shedding, cutting, Sniping, Denying, Rejecting, Disallowing, Excluding, shearing, Oppugning, Cropping, Discarding, Disgorging, draining, Discharging, Trashing, Evacuating, jettisoning, deep-sixing, Excising, Eliminating, Chopping, Spewing, venting, Curtailing, seeping, Ejaculating, Jilting, Lopping, Checking, Culling, disapproving, blacklisting, barring, Abandoning, excreting, emitting, Ejecting, Disclaiming, belching, erupting, vomiting, Secreting.

Other synonyms

jettison, disposition, scrapping, riddance, dumping, throwing away, removal.

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