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Synonyms for merchantman:


gondola, gunboat, rowboat, destroyer, schooner, pontoon, cutter, watercraft, yacht, steamboat, catamaran, raft, boat, hydrofoil, ship, sailboat, ferry, battleship, scow, tanker, kayak, motorboat, houseboat, submarine, barge, lifeboat, dinghy, trawler, hulk, dugout, frigate, tugboat, aircraft carrier, fishing boat, vessel, canoe, cargo boat, longboat, skiff, freighter, speedboat, liner, bark, icebreaker, cruiser, paddle boat, Bateau, sampan, ocean liner, galley, scull, dory, cabin cruiser.

Other synonyms

derriere, buttocks, stern, undersurface, buns, hindquarters, prat, backside, rear end, tail, behind, nates, butt, hind end, underside, fanny, seat, merchant ship, bottomland, bed, bum, bottom, tush, bottom of the inning, fundament, can, tooshie, rear, tail end, keister, rump, posterior.
Examples of usage for merchantman:
At Norfolk the entire crew of a British merchantman deserted to an American sloop- of- war. "American Merchant Ships and Sailors", Willis J. Abbot.
She's the cut of an American merchantman "Hurricane Hurry", W.H.G. Kingston.

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