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Synonyms for turtles:


Newts, gila monsters, Geckoes, reptiles, diamondbacks, chameleons, tortoises, Alligators, terrapins, Iguanas, Crocodiles, Salamanders, lizards.
Examples of usage for turtles:
" But turtles ain't voices, Ambrose, that anybody knows of," he murmured dimly; " it's frogs we hear croakin' along the river bank." "The Loves of Ambrose", Margaret Vandercook.
We had eaten another of our turtles "The Three Lieutenants", W.H.G. Kingston.
On the protruding ends of some of the logs of this causeway would be always seen basking, on a warm summer's day, many fresh- water turtles amongst which, as also amongst the black snakes, which were likewise always to be seen coiled up in numbers here, and among the shoals of sunfish in the surrounding pools, a great commotion would take place when the jar was felt of a waggon passing over on the framework above. "Toronto of Old", Henry Scadding.

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