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Synonyms for uncounted:



Other synonyms

multitudinous, infinite, non-finite, unnumbered, unnumberable, unnumerable, untold, numberless, countless, incalculable, myriad, innumerous, innumerable, uncountable.
Examples of usage for uncounted:
The thought of distant wilds, where uncounted red men waited and longed for deliverance from the darkness of heathenism that had wrapped all their race for all these ages became an ever present vision to the church of the United States. "Dr. John McLoughlin, the Father of Oregon", Frederick Van Voorhies Holman.
Ruins uncounted are to be found scattered along the rim, within five to ten miles of the Canyon, and thousands of pieces of pottery of old design have been picked up by the visitors of the past fifteen years. "The-Grand-Canyon-of-Arizona-how-to-see-it", James, George Wharton.

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