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Synonyms for unfaltering:


lasting, persistent, stoical, indomitable, tenacious, indefatigable, unwavering, enduring, patient, surviving, steadfast, brave, persevering, unflagging, abiding.

Sense 1


Sense 2

unhesitating, undoubting, wholehearted.

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Sense 4


Sense 5


Sense 6


Other synonyms

pixilated, crocked, soused, potent, level, squiffy, unswerving, firm, tight, unshakable, besotted, resolute, plastered, sloshed, slopped, pie-eyed, regular, unfluctuating, wet, strong, steady, smashed, fuddled, cockeyed, loaded, staunch, buckram, stiff, starchy, blotto, unassailable, sozzled, soaked, immobile, rigid, blind drunk, bulletproof, solid, watertight, fast, unbendable.
Examples of usage for unfaltering:
Now, when the spirit of the little bride saw this wonder, she was full of fear and dared not approach, but turned away weeping; and there, as she wept, she saw before her the seat of Mary, the Queen of Heaven, and ran towards it with unfaltering feet. "The Story and Song of Black Roderick", Dora Sigerson.
He was driven resistlessly on by that steadiest, most unfaltering of human impulses, the quickened news instinct. "The Lash", Olin L. Lyman.
Moreover, he had won the unfaltering loyalty of Wayne Wayland, the dominant figure of the West. "The Silver Horde", Rex Beach.

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