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Synonyms for unmatched:


discordant, abnormal, contrasting, asymmetric, mismatched, varying, unlike, dissimilar, nonuniform, differing, unalike, contradictory, different, conflicting, heterogeneous, distinct, contrary, unequal, various, diverse, divergent, disparate.

Sense 2

unequaled, unparalleled, unexampled.

Sense 3


Sense 6


Other synonyms

comical, matchless, unmatchable, laughable, inimitable, unrivaled, bizarre, uncommon, uncomparable, unmated, eccentric, uneven, droll, unusual, crotchety, one and only, unrivalled, one, erratic, curious, rum, unsurpassed, rummy, whimsical, unpaired, incomparable, unique, extraordinary, odd, singular, unsurpassable, peerless, funny, peculiar, nonpareil.
Examples of usage for unmatched:
The situation would have given satisfaction had there been any prospect of an equal contest, since man to man we were not unmatched but it would be impossible for the occupants of these advanced posts to attempt conclusions with an enemy who could bring to their assistance a high- velocity Krupp and a 100 lb. "The Siege of Mafeking (1900)", J. Angus Hamilton.
And all Englishmen should be grateful to Godwin for having written the tragedy of Antonio; for not only was it most justly damned, but it also elicited some letters to the unlucky author that are unmatched in the record of candid criticism. "Studies in Literature and History", Sir Alfred Comyn Lyall.

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