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Synonyms for vagabonds:


drifters, travelers, Nomads, rovers, Transients, passengers, wayfarers, vagrants, voyagers, journeyers, trekkers, tourists.
Examples of usage for vagabonds:
Suddenly the stranger said to us abruptly: " Whatever skill you may possess, go back to the Black Forest; we have vagabonds enough in Heidelberg without you to increase the number. "The Dean's Watch 1897", Erckmann-Chatrian.
Worse still, the very Act of Parliament which had been created for their protection was turned against them, and they were classed with the rogues and vagabonds against whom it had formerly protected them. "Curiosities of Impecuniosity", H. G. Somerville.
The two young vagabonds had discovered a means of hiding themselves and making themselves at home in the cellars after the doors had been closed. "The Fat and the Thin", Emile Zola.

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