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Synonyms for Vicissitudinous:


inconstant, alterable, flexible, movable, volatile, fluid, unstable, unsteady, adaptable, ever-changing, mutable, shifting, fickle, wavering, modifiable, precarious, varying, transformable, protean, changeful, variable, irresolute, convertible, adjustable, flighty, vacillating, versatile, reformable, restless, unsettled, Transposable, mercurial, changeable.
Examples of usage for Vicissitudinous:
And she smiled as she added: " Marriage, the earthly way, is vicissitudinous for everybody knows that anything is liable to happen to a man at large." "Humorous Ghost Stories", Dorothy Scarborough.
It is perhaps the most ancient of all the oaths and apologies for oaths that have come down to us, and which after a long and vicissitudinous transit have arrived at last, neither mutilated or dismembered. "A Cursory History of Swearing", Julian Sharman.
Art is long; like the human child, being destined to a long and vicissitudinous life, it had a long childhood; and this is true of its growth in each individual as of its growth in the race. "Literature in the Elementary School", Porter Lander MacClintock.

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