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Synonyms for visualised:

Other synonyms

pictured, visualized, portrayed, envisioned, unreal, depicted.
Examples of usage for visualised:
Hitherto all Socialist writings on the organisation of society, whether contemporary or Utopian, had visualised a world composed exclusively of healthy, sane, and effective citizens, mostly adults. "The History of the Fabian Society", Edward R. Pease.
For a moment Patricia gazed at her blankly, then as she visualised Aunt Adelaide and Bowen side by side at the altar she laughed hysterically. "Patricia Brent, Spinster", Herbert Jenkins.
Had he been a student of chirography, he might have read the secret of the enigma that tormented him in those pale, uncertain pen- strokes, so unlike the firm, compact characters by which Miss Wycliffe visualised her will. "The Mayor of Warwick", Herbert M. Hopkins.

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