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Synonyms for Vomited:


lopped, discharged, Excreted, Disclaimed, disapproved, Oppugned, Blackballed, checked, clipped, Excluded, shedded, evacuated, cropped, exhausted, drained, rejected, Disgorged, deep-sixed, chopped, barred, jettisoned, discarded, vented, Denied, Ejected, cut, scraped, Culled, blacklisted, seeped, Spewed, Excised, jilted, Ejaculated, Curtailed, Sniped, Belched, Secreted, erupted, Trashed, abandoned, Exuded, sheared, junked, Disallowed, Emitted, Eliminated.
Examples of usage for Vomited:
They could see, on peaks outlined against the sky, the signal- men waving their red flags, and then plunging down the mountain- side out of danger, as the earth rumbled and shook and vomited out a shower of stones and rubbish into the calm hot air. "Soldiers of Fortune", Richard Harding Davis.
In the latter part of August 1855, 874 guns vomited death and destruction upon the doomed city where the Russians lost 18, 000 men. "The Story of Russia", R. Van Bergen.

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