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Synonyms for wearied:


dulled, annoyed, Tranquilized, sedated, bored, tired, fatigued.

Sense 1

Pooped, tired out, tuckered, drained, worn down, bushed.

Sense 2

rundown, weary, Weariful, bleary, done in.

Sense 3

spent, worn-out.



Other synonyms

fed up, timid, exhausted, tapped out, burned-out, faltering, all in, beat, ill-defined, weak, beaten, feeble, faint, purposeless, faded, sick and tired, irresolute, wiped out, jaded, languid, washed-out, aweary, done, played out, sick, worn, logy, limp, prostrate.
Examples of usage for wearied:
James wanted royal tapestry works, yet, when they were an established fact, he wearied of the drafts on his purse for their support. "The Tapestry Book", Helen Churchill Candee.
Wearied at last by my patience, he paused, and cried angrily. "Historical Romances: Under the Red Robe, Count Hannibal, A Gentleman of France", Stanley J. Weyman.
Although we turned in early, we were that wearied that day came and caught us, every one, sound asleep. "The Voodoo Gold Trail", Walter Walden.

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