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Synonyms for writhing:


restless, convulsive, uneasy, shivering, feverish, Jarred, Churned, shaken, trembling, quivering, spastic, quaking, disquieted, shaking, disturbed, erratic, unquiet, quavering, fluttered, shuddering, nervous, twitching, wobbling, jumpy, troubled, jerky, distraught, perturbed, palpitating, jittery, agitated, upset, skittish, twitchy.

Other synonyms

squirming, wiggly, moving, wriggling, sinuous, wiggling, wriggly, twisting, sinuate.
Examples of usage for writhing:
Between them and the riders moved slowly towards the minarets dark things that looked like serpents writhing through the sands. "The Garden Of Allah", Robert Hichens.
Jimmie Lewis, who has had one try at it, is twisting and writhing to get at it again- even now; and as for Miss Davenport, she will simply raise the dead over her effort to break out starring, and Ethel- oh, well, she's free now to do as she likes. "Life on the Stage", Clara Morris.
He was no sooner gone than Mrs. Vane crouched, trembling, and writhing with jealousy, in the large, high- backed chair. "Peg Woffington", Charles Reade.

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