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Synonyms for edgy:


hot-tempered, stormy, crusty, explosive, nervous, quick-tempered, short-tempered, ardent, volatile, reckless, fragile, excitable, irritable, touchy, brittle, sensitive, impulsive, emotional, fiery, rash, volcanic, cranky, high-strung, passionate, combustible, tempestuous.

Sense 1

uneasy, twitchy.

Sense 2

fidgety, skittish.

Sense 5




Other synonyms

jolting, in suspense, jolty, goosey, tense, ground, Inciting, cutting, overstrung, stimulating, ill at ease, atwitter, nervy, queasy, jittery, anxious, rough, Instigating, brash, jumpy, aflutter, Honed, unquiet, trenchant, rocky, exciting, sharp, Whetted, highly strung, uptight, bumpy, Stropped, edged, dithery, perturbed, insecure, restive, HINKY, worried, instigative, charged, provoking, antsy, keen, hung up, cheeky, troubled, sharpened.
Examples of usage for edgy:
You're edgy as a cat." "Legacy", James H Schmitz.
The extensive examinations had tired him, and repetition of the answers to all these questions was making him edgy "Am I Still There?", James R. Hall.

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